Holiday season is a time to have family over, finally get to use your fireplace, and trim your tree... and I don't mean your Christmas tree! Do you have any trees on or near your property? Most likely you do. According to the former president of NACHI, Joseph Hagarty says, "A Tree with Limbs within striking distance of a structure is Hazardous. A recommendation of Pruning and/or Removal is warranted." Protect your family, your friends and pets, protect yourself. Make sure that any hazards are mitigated before they become a problem. Winter storms have begun, between all the rain and wind, even healthy trees can shed limbs or even completely uproot when the ground is saturated. Trees that are not in close proximity to houses or other structures can also be extremely dangerous, powerlines are often taken down by trees as well as trees falling in streets and causing vehicle accidents.

Western Tree Removal Specialists is ready to mitigate your potential hazards. Whether you already have broken limbs dangling just waiting for the next gust to knock it out, or you have a tree that seems overweight, unhealthy, or has a poor root structure, WTRS can help. Here are some friendly winter weather suggestions from your local tree experts.

Prevantative maintanence:
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Cabling
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Topping
  • Dead Wood Removal
  • Root Assessment
  • Hazard Assessment

Emergency Situation:
  • 24/7 Emergency Response by phone
  • Fallen trees/limbs

After Storm:
  • Storm damage clean up
  • Removal of downed trees
Brutal storms can severely damage trees, which lead to the tree being readily available for bug or mold infestation. Having an Arborist Consultation post-storm will improve the life expectancy of your trees.

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Be safe this winter, call Western Tree Removal Specialists...
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