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Weight Reduction, sometimes called end-weight reduction or thinning, is a very important part of tree maintenance. Performing weight-reduction can help prevent major or catastrophic limb failures and improve the health of the tree. Some of the most common species of trees that will require weight-reduction due to their natural growth patterns are: Live Oak, Liquid Amber, Ash, and Sycamore. Of course there are many other species that can benefit from weight-reduction, so having a free consultation with the pros at WTRS is the best way to make sure that your trees are safe and in good condition.

Crown Reduction is a process that reduces the height, spread, or both of your tree's crown. The process for crown reduction varies depending on the situation and species of the tree but can be very aesthetically appealing and beneficial in the right situation.

Hazardous Limb Removal is performed when regular weight-reduction is not sufficient in reducing the risk of limb failure. Often limbs will grow so large that the amount of trimming required to make the limb safe will ultimately kill the limb. In these situations, hazard limb removal is the only answer.

Dead Limb Removal is a very important aspect of tree maintenance. Dead limbs provide entry points for insect and pathogen infestation which can result in the death of the tree. Dead limbs are also substantially more dangerous because it is not what will happen if, but what will happen when they fall. Even a small (5 to 10lb limb) falling from a height of only 20 feet, can under the right conditions, penetrate completely through the roof of a house or other structure.

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