Sudden Oak Death
Sudden Oak Death (SOD) is a tree disease that affects trees along the west coast. It is caused by a pathogen called "Phytophthora ramorum," which is a species of water molds. This "mold" is transferred by rain, plant material, and very commonly by people. The most common way people spread this disease is by tree services. Many tree services will use their equipment on a diseased tree, and proceed to trim or work on a nondiseased tree with the harmful pathogen still on their equipment! Western Tree Removal Specialists has your tree's health in mind when we deal with SOD and any other unhealthy tree condition that will contaminate our equipment. We sanitize all of our equipment after any encounters with SOD so we do not spread this environmentaly destructive pathogen.

Phytophthora ramorum has been found to thrive on a number of plant species since 1995 when it was first discovered. Here is a PDF that lists the pathogen's hosts:

Sudden Oak Death is not comunicable to humans or animals, however, it is still very dangerous. Sudden Oak Death causes trees to rot out, die, and shed limbs. Not to mention that a carrier can spread the pathogen to other plants, risking the health of major forests throughout California and Oregon. If you think your tree may be diseased, call Western Tree Removal Specialists to find out what you can do to protect your property and our ecosystem.

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Sudden Oak Death
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