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Solar systems can often be obstructed by trees. Western Tree Removal Specialists is becoming the fastest growing solar clearance provider in Sonoma County. Ask about our green energy discounts!
Before the solar system is installed - Pre Construction

If there is a tree or multiple trees shading a proposed solar site, Western Tree Removal Specialists can help to eradicate the shading and provde your system with its maximum potential. Using our Solmetric Suneye, we can directly determine which trees need to be trimmed or removed.

After the solar system is installed - Post Constuction

Is there a tree that is currently or could potentially shade your solar panels? WTRS understands the need to support our local renewable energy sources and provides annual trimming contracts at discounted rates to ensure the endurance of useful solar panels.
Whether you are pre or post construction and are a solar provider or have solar at your property, call Western Tree Removal Specialists for a free consultation. See other ways we stay green- Our Green Side
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