Our Green Side
At Western Tree Removal Specialists  we are well aware that tree removal is not exactly a green service. That is why WTRS is pioneering new ways to counteract the impact that our company has on the local environment. As long as there is people living near trees, from time to time, some of those trees will be cut down. In these situations, at least you have the power to choose a company that performs these services with the environment in mind.
One Tree
Western Tree Removal Specialists               would like to proudly present the
One Tree program. Starting
January 3, 2011, for every tree that we cut down, we will plant a sapling in a deforested area. The purpose of the One Tree program is to help replace the natural resources that are lost in the course of our daily work. We want to stand out as a company and let the public know that we are not just mindlessly cutting trees without discretion. WTRS is committed to giving back to the environment and securing the future for the next generation of tree cutters and tree huggers alike. As a customer, when you choose WTRS for your tree removal needs, you may sleep better at night with the knowledge that we are helping to pay your carbon debt. Keep this fact in mind: for every 30 trees that WTRS plants, we will be offsetting the amount of carbon dioxide generated by the average American for a whole year.
Cut with Care
WTRS is implementing the Cut with Care program. The point of Cut with Care is to make sure "green waste" is not wasted. We guarantee that our wood chips are donated to local companies or local individuals to make compost for gardens or to make biofuels. Any wood removed
from our jobsites
will either be
turned into chips
and donated or
reused as biofuel.
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